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A Culture of Trust

Karly and Eric in lobby of Alderwood Auto Repair

There’s a lot more to value than price!

At Alderwood Auto Repair you are getting a tremendous value. Our team has years of hands-on training and experience. We won’t sell you what you don’t need and while we seek to contain costs, we don’t always use the cheapest part to save you a buck. Whatever we install will work, and work for a long time–as the original manufacturer intended.

High Quality Parts=High Quality Repairs

We used trusted vendors who stand behind their products so we can stand behind our service! We don’t want to do the same job twice as this is no good for anybody.

People often ask why we charge more for parts than what you might find through your own internet search. There are several reasons. First of all, it’s sometimes hard to find exactly the right part on the internet. What you find may not actually fit your car. Our trained professionals match the specific part to your car.

Second, the parts online often come from a warehouse that just sells parts in some other state. These distributors may not stand by their products. We work with local suppliers who are readily available for returns, and who stand by their parts.

Third, one of the ways that most businesses generate revenue is by marking up the materials they use. This is common in almost all businesses from house repairs to restaurants. It is always cheaper to buy a steak from your local grocery store and cook it yourself than it is to go out to a high quality steak house where that same steak may be 4 times the price. You’re paying for the service, someone to cook it just the way you want it, bring it to you, and clean up after you.

Alderwood Auto Repair offers a generous 24 month/24,000 Mile Warranty! We are proud of the work we do. High-quality service and satisfied customers are key to our success! If you are unhappy with our work, talk to us. We want to provide good value, to do good work, and to establish a culture of trust.

Integrity, honesty, and care for others are cornerstones of who we are as a family. We intentionally cultivate these values in our business as well. We regularly tell our daughter, “We are helpers. This is who we are as a family. Our job is to look for ways to help and jump in”. This framework helps to shape the way we conduct ourselves as business owners. 

Alderwood Auto Repair is committed to centering integrity, honesty, and care in all our decision making; from which paper towels we purchase, to guiding customers through the sometimes complex decision making process of automotive repairs, to creating space for our employees to have a voice in the business. We see our business as an extension of our family and recognize that we are responsible to our greater community. We take this responsibility seriously and commit to doing all we can to support our communities and create a culture of trust.

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