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Our Automotive Repairs

Alderwood Auto Repair in Lynnwood is a full-service automotive repair shop offering a wide spectrum of services! Safe operation of an automobile requires you to be able to move the car, stop the car, and steer the car. We specialize in Asian (Toyota and Honda) and domestic vehicles, but also perform repairs on European vehicles as well as some medium to heavy duty trucks. Our common automotive repairs are listed below. We offer all of this and much more!

Automotive Repairs Our Mechanics Perform:

Repair Most Malfunction Indicator Lights

  • CEL- Check Engine Light
  • ABS- Antilock Brake System
  • SRS- Supplemental Restraint System

Other Full-Service Automotive Repairs

-Heating and air conditioning diagnosis and repair

-Complete brake service, diagnosis, and repair

-Fluid leak diagnosis and repair (power steering, engine/transmission oil, coolant)

Are you noticing a drip on your driveway or garage floor? Are you noticing a burning smell or seeing steam/smoke when the vehicle is warm? Is your transmission not functioning the way it used to? These are all signs that you may have a critical leak. These leaks can range from non-issues to severe leaks that cause all sorts of problems. They could cause the engine to overheat, the drivetrain to malfunction, or even a fire. The qualified technicians at Alderwood Auto Repair can help identify the source of the leak and advise on necessary repairs. Our team will use a scale of 1 to 5 to rate severity and help advise on how urgently the repair should be made.

Engine cooling system diagnosis and repair

-Noise diagnosis and repair

Does your vehicle make a noise that hasn’t always been there? Unsure what the noise is and what it may mean? The technicians at Alderwood Auto Repair can help! From stolen catalytic converters to a squeaky belt, bad blower motor or noisy drive pulleys Alderwood Auto Repair has you covered. We can diagnose where the noise is coming from, advise on the severity, and make a plan to help get the issue resolved.

-Suspension diagnosis and repair

-Transmission service and repair

Transmission service helps to maximize the lifespan and performance of your automatic transmission. A transmission service brings your fluid level and age up to manufacturer specifications. Check your owner’s manual to see how often you should service your transmission or ask your Alderwood Auto Repair service professional about whether this is appropriate for your car.

The team at Alderwood Auto Repair is well equipped to help you navigate necessary transmission diagnosis and repair. If you are concerned that your vehicle is suffering from transmission problems, schedule an appointment with us and let our team help you.

Buyer’s Vehicle Inspections

Buying a new vehicle? Great, have our trained automotive mechanics perform a pre-purchase vehicle inspection before you buy for that added peace of mind.

  • Perform a highway test drive
  • Perform a complete scan of the vehicle’s computer systems
  • Test every button and switch inside your vehicle
  • Test the heating and air conditioning
  • Inspect the the vehicle for body damage, rust, and signs of neglect or disrepair
  • Check the brakes and all the vital fluids
  • Check all belts and hoses

Does this guarantee the car will last forever? Unfortunately, there is only so much we can check on a pre-purchase inspection and we cannot guarantee against future failure. However, getting a buyer’s inspection done gives you the best chance at purchasing a vehicle in great condition!

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