Our Automotive Services

Alderwood Auto Repair in Lynnwood is a full-service auto repair shop offering a wide spectrum of services! Safe operation of an automobile requires you to be able to move the car, stop the car, and steer the car. Our routine automotive services are listed below.

Routine Automotive Services Our Mechanics Perform:

Buyer’s Vehicle Inspections

Buying a new vehicle? Great, have our trained automotive mechanics perform a pre-purchase vehicle inspection before you buy for that added peace of mind.

  • Perform a highway test drive
  • Perform a complete scan of the vehicle’s computer systems
  • Test every button and switch inside your vehicle
  • Test the heating and air conditioning
  • Inspect the the vehicle for body damage, rust, and signs of neglect or disrepair
  • Check the brakes and all the vital fluids
  • Check all belts and hoses

Does this guarantee the car will last forever? Unfortunately, there is only so much we can check on a pre-purchase inspection and we cannot guarantee against future failure. However, getting a buyer’s inspection done gives you the best chance at purchasing a vehicle in great condition!