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Timing Belt/Chain & Drive Belts

What is a timing belt and what does it do? Most engines have valves and pistons that need to rotate in unison to allow air and fuel in and the exhaust out while the big bang happens in the middle. The timing belt is what keeps all these components working in sync. Many modern cars have shifted to a timing chain system which is designed to be a self-lubricating lifetime system.

What happens when either the timing belt or chain drive system fail?

The damage can be catastrophic. If any of these timing related components fails it can allow the bottom half of the engine to collide with parts housed in the top of the engine damaging internal components that are critical to proper engine function.

Timing belts are important to service by manufacturer recommendation or when your car has a timing code. Manufacturer recommendations are based on time and mileage. Performing these routine or responsive services can prevent major engine damage.

Timing Chain systems do not have manufacturer scheduled service intervals, but they can still suffer from failure or need repairs. If your check engine light comes on it may be a result of wear to one or more of these timing components.

Our highly trained Alderwood Auto Repair team can advise when these services need to occur and will use only the highest quality long lasting parts that are right for your vehicle.

Vehicle Drive Belt

Drive belts serve a different purpose than a timing belt, but are just as critical. The drive belt, sometimes referred to as a serpentine belt, is responsible for many functions including driving the alternator, AC compressor, water pump, and power steering pump. The drive belt system includes pulleys and tensioners that can require repair as well.

Is your drive belt cracking or the system making excessive noise? Your Alderwood Auto Repair service technician can identify and advise on the best course of action to keep this system in top working condition.

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