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Our History

Karly and Eric in lobby of Alderwood Auto Repair

A History and Culture of Trust

Alderwood Auto Repair is owned and managed by an auto technician with decades of experience! Eric has hands-on experience in nearly every aspect of the industry. The shop is also co-owned by Eric’s wife and car enthusiast Karly Kline Marshall.

Eric Marshall | he/him

Eric started working in his father’s shop as a teenager. While working there, he completed an Applied Associate’s Degree in auto technology from Shoreline Community College and started his journey towards becoming an ASE Master Certified Technician. He has worked as a technician for several different repair shops over the past two decades and has managed a highly successful shop for more than 5 years.

Having worked as a technician, in customer service (service writer/advisor), and as a manager, Eric brings well rounded experience to his endeavors as owner/operator. Because of this deep experience in the auto repair industry, he has first-hand knowledge of the best processes for diagnosis, the best sources for parts, as well as how to manage a workflow to get the job completed efficiently and on time. He is also versed with prioritizing service and repair work. He prides himself on guiding customers through the decision making process about their vehicles in a way that meets their needs and keeps them safely on the road.

Eric is trustworthy and well-known for his personal integrity and work ethic. He knows from experience that a job well done the first time with high-quality parts is the best value that Alderwood Auto Repair can offer.

Eric was born and raised in the Seattle area and knows the specific challenges that the Seattle roads and climate pose to cars.

Karly Kline Marshall | she/her

Karly is an educator by trade and passion. She has over twenty years experience working in special education in public schools and deep experience volunteering in a variety of nonprofits. The running theme through all of this? Helping others find a sense of belonging, identifying gaps and looking for creative ways to fill them, and striving to support people in all walks of life. Karly cares deeply about those who cross her path. These traits and passions lend themselves well to building a business and creating lasting relationships with customers.

Karly comes from a family of car hobbyists. Her grandfather collected antique cars and her dad owns a 1924 Dodge and prides himself on being a driveway mechanic. She grew up listening to old motors, learning to identify the year of the Chevy by the shape of the tail-fins, and has a fondness for getting her hands dirty and tinkering around. She and Eric met in high school. Before long Eric was teaching her how to change the oil on her car, replace her spark plugs, and service her brakes. One of her favorite memories early on in their life together is spending hours on their back deck while Eric guided her through the rebuild of the carburetor for their lawn mower. Karly prides herself in being able to perform basic repairs on cars and isn’t afraid to get after it and work hard to learn something new. While you won’t find Karly underneath the hood of customer cars at Alderwood Auto Repair, she is often behind the front desk helping customers.

Karly was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas. While she has lived in the PNW since high school she maintains a Midwest friendliness and is easy to connect with.

Karly and Eric live in Lynnwood, just a short drive from the shop. They believe in living and serving in the same community and are very happy to join the ranks as business owners in Lynnwood.


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